Other [PAID] Conversion from obscure forum software

I am in need of conversion from an old forum software called MyLittleForum (http://mylittleforum.net) to xenForo. The existing forum is pretty busy, with over 4,300 users and nearly 280,000 posts. We get about 32,000 unique visitors per month. We want to move the old forum into a sub-forum in xenForo, using prefixes for our old categories. I've setup some samples on the new xenForo site to make the conversion concept more clear. All that said, however, we are open to suggestions as to the best way to make this move, once the chosen developer has had a chance to take a look at the situation.

The existing site can be viewed at: http://surveyorconnect.com
The new xenForo site can be viewed at: http://geospatialnow.com

As you can see from the new site, there is a subforum for SurveyorConnect, which is where we want to put the old forum posts (unless the developer convinces us of a better way). We want to bring the old users into the new site as well, but we aren't too worried about retaining passwords. Don't get me wrong, keeping the existing passwords would be great, but if that's not possible without a ton of work, we are okay with assigning random new passwords for everyone.

The old site utilizes BBCode, so we are hopeful that it will carry over properly. Any user-uploaded images would be carried over as well, although we are okay if they are just put in their own images folder and hard-coded into the new posts (if that helps make things easier for the developer).

To give a little history, we never, ever, ever expected this forum to grow the way it has. We were figuring on 100 users or so and it was done more as a favor to the industry. Then it grew quickly and now we receive minimal ad revenue, but want to see if we can expand to cover more markets and thus make it more profitable. Right now, we are barely breaking even. Our current market is old-school and reluctant to change, but that is partly why we want to move into related markets as well. So we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Any conversion software that is created by the developer would be happily donated to anyone wanting to move away from MyLittleForum, but I don't see a big market there. Still, it could end up being a savior for a few people stuck with no way out of MLF.

Anyway, we would welcome any and all offers to help, whether paid or not and the fee is definitely negotiable. We desperately want to make this move but have to keep it as affordable as possible. Thank you!
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