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I'm seriously considering buying xenforo on behalf of our little car club. We currently have quite an old install of phpbb3 and I was wondering if you could take a look at the forum here :

I'd want to import the data and structure and users from this site. Can you foresee any problems? If there are large issues would you be willing for me to be able to return the software? I'm a software developer but mysql and php are a bit of a black art to me as i mostly do microsoft stuff. I really like the look of your software - looks very clean and modern and i like the facebook integration.


Looks like a normal phpBB installation. You should be able to import it without any issues.

Importer doesn't break installation it imports data from, so if something goes wrong you can always go back to old forum.
Thanks for the reply Arty - didnt think it would be a problem but i tried this with vanilla a few months back and the way it imported the data made it next to useless... Sounds like XenForo may have this bottomed out a bit better.
It will be fine. Importer is very easy to use and it is very well coded.

I've converted several phpBB forums to XenForo without any issues. After import check permissions because they might differ a bit and remove newly registered users group (no such thing in XenForo, so it doesn't make sense to keep it)
Brilliant - well i think you've made up my mind... I asked this question of a few different forum software providers and this is the quickest response as well as being the response i wanted to hear.

Thanks for your help :)
Sounds great.

The only real issues I've had are the fact it didn't keep my forum and post IDs on import, which is a shame as i discovered it only after a few days. The other major problem seems to be that the standard search option really is poor compared to phpbb3. Does anybody have any tips on this? I see they do an advanced search but looking around you need some horsepower to run it and it seems it's a security risk if not set up expertly. Bit worried about installing that?
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