Conversion from phpBB3 3.0.12 SEO Premodded

After installing SEO MOD, in topics table, there are a new field with seo-friendly URL.

Can i import that? Can i modify the import script? (after all, it's php with mysql) and i have some programming skills.

After that, can i modify a core php file to make some changes (quickly) to make the forum on-line...

I have some functions to call...

I don't know where to start :) but i know i want to migrate from phpbb3...

I'm a little dissapointed that i can't install a test version to see how i manage to make changes on xenForo quickly and go 'live' with xenforo..

Thanks... and excuse if there is duplicate topic, i didn't find any similar topic with premodded phpbb3...


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You would have access to the code, so you could adjust the importer as necessary and take steps to redirect the old threads. However, this isn't something we can provide official support for (as it requires custom development).

I assume your current URLs don't have IDs in them. If they do, you can do the redirects much more easily, with minimal coding (mostly just some .htaccess modifications).
My URL's are like this:<id>-<page>.html, so i have ID's and post start index.

I saw in administration a very nice future: php callback for a specific custom bb code.
I coded for my phpbb3 forum something like that and this is exactly why i want to modify the core code...
The problem is that my custom bb code have a variable number of parameters, and the parser i've made , take those parameters corectly.

I don't know how is xenforo, but in phpbb3, in the viewtopic.php, after parsing smileys, i call my function to parse my custom tags... and after that is when the template variables is replaced... like viewtopic_body.html.

So, my question is if i can do something similar in xenforo.

I hope i was clear enogh, cause my english is not very good.

By the way.... can i use the php callback for bb code like this:

and i have another like [php=command]param1,param2[/php]

How can i translate those command in xenforo bb codes interface? Can i?

Thanks for support!
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