Congratulations Chris Deeming and XenForo


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I'm sure some of you have seen the announcement by now:

Not only is there now an extremely mature and feature rich official gallery add-on, there is also a new developer.

This is great news for XenForo and its customers.

For a long time now Chris has demonstrated his technical ability with the plethora of high quality add-ons he has released, both paid and free, the custom work he has undertaken and his willingness to provide technical support and advice on the forum, all in his own time.

Personally I can’t think of a better person for the job.

Please join me in welcoming Chris to the team and here’s to a great future for all concerned.


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Huge congratulations to both Chris and the existing XenForo team - excellent choice!

Don't think that means you can slack off with writing new funky stuff for us all to play with though, @Chris D