Add-on Classifieds for XF2


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Within the next couple of weeks once the final changes have been made like colours etc and migration scripts are double checked and enough users have seen the current videos on the change


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Would love to see a classifieds add-on, happy to pay. I think this should be an official add-on made by the Xenforo developers just like the media and resources add-on. It would do so well!


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This looks like something very worthwhile. Not sure if anyone has picked this up yet, but it would be something I would be interested in investing into :)


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I know of another classifieds that may be in the making but will let the author do the reveal. A lot of requirements here and in other places have been adopted or maybe considered.

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This looks like something very worthwhile. Not sure if anyone has picked this up yet, but it would be something I would be interested in investing into :)
@S Thomas Will this be released when complete?
Yea, it's intended to be released to public.
But I can just repeat what I've said on the page before - it will be solely built upon the expectations I've got. So far the plan is very similar to and not the IPS one. As far as I can tell it also includes probably all the features @ichpen has listed in the first post.
I'm open to any adoptations after finishing the initial project. Meanwhile, you could start playing around with the WP demo and filter out what you would miss or expect etc. and contact me via PM if you wish to.


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Some suggestions relating to monetizing classifieds:
  1. pay to post classified and display for X days
  2. renewal alert/email.
  3. pay to renew classified
  4. pay to display custom fields
  5. pay to feature classified
  6. pay to display forum banner in specific forums)
  7. commission on sales (take a percentage of the sale)
  8. buy now function
  9. gift product (buy the product for another member)
  10. currency support with conversion rates
  11. first x classified free
  12. overview of all your classified with purchase/renew buttons
  13. fund account with money in order to pay for ad or products.
  14. shopping cart to purchase multiple products
  15. credit
  16. member store (page that displays all products by the member)
  17. affiliate function (give a percentage of sales to referring member)
  18. Invoices
  19. Shipment proof
  20. Shipment tracking
  21. Shipment alerts
  22. Disputes
Also see this suggestion:
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It's been a while since I thought about this. Rather than listing off features sometimes I like to take a step back and think about it from a user or seller perspective. I like what you have down already. The two key workflows that I feel many classifieds miss are ease of use and discoverability.

From a Seller perspective:
1. Listing - single page listing if possible with fields that are gradually revealed (this simplifies the experience).
a. Start with title
b. Pick category and subcategories (or default)
c. Add description
d. Specify for sale/wanted
e. Add price (or free)
f. Other core but optional fields are attachments (multiple images, featured image, ability to reorder/remove), location (option to show saved location or specify Google mapped location), contact (option to show saved contact info or specify).
g. Other custom fields.

I like the idea of a basic templating system where you can group particular items in a category perhaps under a template with its own set of custom fields. For example a car category will have custom fields such as Make, Model, Vin, Mileage etc. So your custom fields should be either global or per category (one or more).

Very importantly put a Post New Classified button/shortcut in forums where classifieds are posted as threads and give option to disable posting of new threads in there.

Ad lifecycle management - as seller quickly mark item as sold, unlist item (soft delete), hard delete item

Add Multi-Currency Support i.e. default currency + user can optionally pick from other defined currencies.

Feedback/Rating System?

User Dashboard:
1. Seller/Buyer preferences - save your location, phone number, contact email
2. Seller/Buyer message board - private conversations filtered by item for sale (my ads) or by interested in (replying to item)
3. My ads, my alerts, my saved items, my search alerts (more below)

Classifieds Page

1. Filter widgets/sidebar - geo fencing by distance from my current location or specified postal/zip code, city or state/province or country. Filter by for sale/wanted, price min-max, category/subcategory. Should be ajaxified for a seamless experience when filtering.
2. Alerts - subscribe to alerts for new items per category, sub category etc.
3. Watch lists - search term watch + alert (this will be a daily search that generates an alert and email)
4. Order by featured listings then normal listings
5. Add rotating carousel/wide/narrow widgets for latest ads so we can add it to the home page and other pages
6. Integrate with XF search also
7. SEO - Google microdata/markup for product would help also


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ThemeHouse already has a bunch of add-ons to update to XF2; if they took this on, it would be years before it ever got done.