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Add-on Classifieds for XF2

For the sake of posterity and again as I don't see this on the first few pages, we desperately need a good and supported Classifieds addon for XF 2.

I would type up some better requirements but currently on a phone so recommend you look at the last few pages of the old Gfnlabs Classifieds addon for inspiration (please don't be inspired to abandon it half way though similarly to GFN) :)

Hit the Like button to move this up the priority list.

Fame and fortune must surely follow.

Because we have an allergy to old threads, here's an excerpt of what I kicked off before a certain member decided to 'adopt it' only to promptly abandon it thereafter....


The premise of the addon (chime in as needed) is as follows:

Facilitates private one to one transactions between forum members.

Seller View
- List items for sale within a given category (categories predefined by admin i.e. cars, parts, services etc)
- BUMP unsold items periodically (permission based) to top of list
- Modify own items x number of times (permission based)
- Mark item as SOLD by seller thereby closing ad to further exchanges
- Mark item as DELETED by seller (completely removing ad from classifieds system)
- Feature own classified (premium/purchasable feature)
- Renew classifieds (see premium features)

Guest View (Unauthenticated)
TO DO...

Buyer View (Authenticated)
- Separate Classifieds tab/page
- User selectable Grid or List view of all active classifieds
- View Top level sticky ads and/or sliders for featured items (see kijiji as a perfect example of how this is done)
- View/Sort by date, price, title, username
- Sidebar filters (left or right):
-- Generic filters by category, by location (country, state/province/county, city), price (low/high), listing type (sale, wanted)
-- Category specific filters: custom fields per category i.e. car make, mileage, year for example

Item Create View
- Create Item
- Select category
- Specify prefix/title
- Short description
- Custom fields (per category)
- Long Description
- Optional image attachments/gallery in ordered list
- Location/Map (google maps lookup)
- Price and currency (defaulted by admin)
- Package (see purchasable/premium features)

Item Display View (Member)
TO DO...

Item Display View (Guest)
TO DO...

- Each category is linked to a forum
- Each ad auto creates a thread
- Thread is accessible via ad view
- Thread is autoclosed on ad marked as sold
- New thread from classified thread forcibly calls create new classified

Feedback system
TO DO...

TO DO...

TO DO...

User Interactions
TO DO...

Other stuff.. To do..."
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