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Thought I would share my newest forum, we started on SMF then decided to convert to Xenforo. Default theme was just finished last night. It's different then themes I'm use to making, which are blue lol
Please leave me some feedback


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Thank you both very much, It's not doing that for me and it should be responsive.

I think I got this working, please update me if you can.
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Woohoo thank you for letting me know, I had a major scare there. Just ended up being something off in the general settings when I was playing around.


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Your google ad at top stops the site from being really responsive
Ya thats true.

This is how I fixed my 728x90 ad (Added in extra.css):

<xen:if is="@enableResponsive">
@media (max-width:@maxResponsiveWideWidth)
  .adroll-block { display: none; }
I set your class as adroll-block as thats what I found with inspect element on your site. You can change it to w.e fits on your site if thats not it.
Also, @maxResponsiveWideWidth dont work right (Stops the ad to soon or not soon enough), you can change the width manually by entering in a number such as 800 in its replace.

This however, will cause the ad not to show on mobile sites. If you want a smaller ad to show on mobile sites you may ant to use Google's responsive ads.


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Sorry for double post, but just checked on my phone an everything looks fine except the top ad runs over. It's set to be responsive so not sure what to do.