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Chat Hunters

Thank you both very much, It's not doing that for me and it should be responsive.

I think I got this working, please update me if you can.
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Your google ad at top stops the site from being really responsive
Ya thats true.

This is how I fixed my 728x90 ad (Added in extra.css):

<xen:if is="@enableResponsive">
@media (max-width:@maxResponsiveWideWidth)
  .adroll-block { display: none; }
I set your class as adroll-block as thats what I found with inspect element on your site. You can change it to w.e fits on your site if thats not it.
Also, @maxResponsiveWideWidth dont work right (Stops the ad to soon or not soon enough), you can change the width manually by entering in a number such as 800 in its replace.

This however, will cause the ad not to show on mobile sites. If you want a smaller ad to show on mobile sites you may ant to use Google's responsive ads.