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Chat 2 by Siropu [Paid] 2.1.6

No permission to buy (€29.99)


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Can I suggest potentially adding a giphy search like this, where you can search and select, instead of just the random one. The random one gets things way off base a lot of the time and results in confusion and having to delete entries.


Purchased , it
Works like a charm

Need some help with customization.

I want to remove the bold rich usernames to reflect non-bold rich usernames on the chatbox.

Thanks in advance.


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Add the following in extra.less:
#siropuChatContent .username
    font-weight: normal !important;


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Bug report : there is a maxlength attribute in the textarea of the "Chat bot messages" input form.
Auto messages should not be limited to 100 chars.
When I manually remove the maxlength attr for the textarea, it's working.

Matt C.

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How do you disable direct image uploads? I looked in the permission group but it doesn't let me.



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If you have set "Upload images" to 0 for "Registered" but for admin user group set to "Unlimited", you will be able to upload. The upload icon doesn't show up if you don't have the final permission to upload.

Ad for forum activity, you have to create a custom room and set that room in chat admin options for bot notifications. Also, make it default joined if you want it visible for new users.


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I was thinking on adding this since Chat 1 but I don't think this would work well with AJAX. If I can integrate Chat with node.js, it could work well and in that case I'll add this for sure.
That would be amazing if you could wrangle in node.js like that (y)


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Hi, just installed this chat and it works like a charm. Only problem i have is that activating "Maximized mode" only expand the chat a little bit. It doesnt take the full height. Any suggestions? I have tried to tweak the css with no luck.


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"Maximized mode" makes the chat full height on "All pages" display mode and increases the height a little on the rest. In chat style properties you have a property called "Chat maximized mode content height" which controls the height for that option.


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No, unless you add your own custom command but it requires some PHP knowledge.
I have added my command and i understand that $messageEntity->message_text are the text returned/displayed and that variable doesnt accept array.