bug on documentation


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not sure where to report this...

links to 'controller-basics' pages here are 404's.

We talk more about controllers, actions, and replies in the Controller basics pages, so don't particularly worry about understanding this right now.

Now we've added some code to our extended controller, let's see it in action. Simply enter the following URL (relative to your board URL): index.php?members/hello-world. You should now see a "Hello world!" message displayed!

As mentioned earlier, it is also possible to override existing methods within a class. For example, if we changed actionHelloWorld() with actionIndex() then you would no longer have a "Notable members" list, it would instead display the "Hello world!" message! This isn't quite the right way to extend an existing controller action (or any class method, in fact) but we go into more detail about that in the Modifying a controller action reply (properly) section.
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