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today we have got the first report of this bug.

We have 2 users with a pretty similar nickname:
  • eles
  • elet
One other user in the forum has mentioned elet in one message, but the notification alert was sent to eles!!
it's not nice for others to receive notifications aimed at other users. Even if they have the "similar" nickname. A more careful check of the nickname should be done before sending notifications to users.

Screenshot (860).png

I can provide a better image via PM.
Are you sure they didn't just mis-type it the first time and then edit the post? The mentions are stored in the post with the user ID like this:


It doesn't use the username to send the notification, it uses the user ID, so isn't doing a partial username match. It's more likely it was mis-typed and edited.
damn. you right.
there is a edit in the history.
thank you.
sorry for warning.
I had already checked the message and it was correct, but I hadn't checked the history. there is always something to learn,
can close this thread.
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