Third party Pinch / Zoom bug on mobile


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Had a user report a bug with attachments on mobile / tablet.

I think I may found a bug. On any of the pictures that have been posted, when I pinch zoom on my tablet, then tap it, it goes to just the picture zoomed in and I'm unable to get back to the topic by either using the X in the box on the top right side or by tapping the the far side of the picture. I've tried using both browser settings on my tablet, desktop and then mobile, and also I did the same thing on my phone, and its still the same.
Is there a way to turn that extra function off?

I can reproduce this on my Samsung S10, on multiple sites, and also on here. Not something I've ever personally done, but the user has found it to happen, so thought I'd report it. I can also reproduce the same issue on here, so it's when the light box is opened while zoomed in, you can't navigate around, and have to use the back button.

They have posted a video showing what is happening.


Chris D

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XF 2.2 uses a new lightbox. Theoretically this could have been an issue there too if not for the fact that the lightbox will close when you swipe while viewing an image so it shouldn't be possible to get stuck in this way anymore.

There are no further changes planned for the lightbox in 2.1 so just a case of holding out for 2.2 (which obviously shouldn't be long 🙂)