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With XF 1.5 you would see your avatar and username (if I'm remembering correctly) beneath threads you replied to. I know that with XF2 we have the "Threads with your posts" and "Threads in which you've participated" options now, but that's not nearly as useful when looking at a list of new threads and being able to see at a glance what threads you've already replied to. It requires some cross-referencing, looking at the new threads and then looking at the threads with your posts and comparing the two, switching back and forth. This is especially a hindrance when you have a list of only new threads (not new threads and posts, just new threads) and you can't just mark them as read to get them off the list. So I'd like to get that old feature back. Or maybe a filter for "Threads you haven't posted to."

Maybe I'm overlooking some option available to me, so feel free to point it out if that's the case. :)
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Hmm. I must have some kind of addon conflict then, because I sure don't see it anywhere. And it was other users who complained about it to me, so I just assumed I'd never noticed. Guess it's investigating time. You can axe this one. Thanks, Chris.
Mystery solved. It was another addon I was using with 1.5 that did that for new threads only, which is what my users were actually talking about. And I just wasn't seeing it on the new posts because I guess I just hadn't responded to any of them in a while. Really hoping you guys will give us better ways to separate new threads from posts with 2.1. To be able to list them on a site-wide basis by creation date would be great, and by node without having to actually visit the nodes would be even better: then I won't have to depend on these addon's any more. But that's another issue! Thanks again.
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