1. LenaTDDS

    Lack of interest Add a new thread filter

    Hello. As you know, various types for node were added in 2.2. I would really like to see an additional filter that could filter out topics that have solutions. This can be useful, for example, in "batch update threads", or searching threads in a nodes. I hope it will be useful not only for me...
  2. El Porcharo

    XF 2.2 Thread Tags and Filters permissions

    Hi guys, I've set my community to prevent unregistered user to use the search function, but I would also like to restrict the use of Filters and Tag filtering to members only. I've seen there's nothing about that among XF permissions and I couldn't even find any add-on for this or anything...
  3. P

    Lack of interest Watched content and finding new posts (multiselect Watch, search by filter Watched, custom filters)

    Hello! I am not a customer, just a simple forum user. I hope it is OK for me to post a suggestion. Main idea: as a user, I want to find new posts from a specific multiple forums. It is possible with "Watch" forum and search for new posts by selecting filter "watched". But to do so I need to...
  4. imno007

    Implemented Bring Back User Avatar indicating threads you've replied to

    With XF 1.5 you would see your avatar and username (if I'm remembering correctly) beneath threads you replied to. I know that with XF2 we have the "Threads with your posts" and "Threads in which you've participated" options now, but that's not nearly as useful when looking at a list of new...