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El Porcharo

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Hi guys,
I've set my community to prevent unregistered user to use the search function, but I would also like to restrict the use of Filters and Tag filtering to members only.

I've seen there's nothing about that among XF permissions and I couldn't even find any add-on for this or anything similar.

Is there a way to achieve this without modifying the child styles templates, so I don't have to re-edit on each update?

Cheers :)
No clues at all? 😟


@Ozzy47... 😬 looked like putting together those "Create Article/Poll/Question" addons was so easy for you and I see most of the "Permissions" addons around are yours... Any chance you could easily make this up as well? 😇

Thanks mate, that would be great! :love:

The filters button is the one on top of the threads list, which here on the official forum is sometime inside the <div class="filterBar"> tag (don't actually know what it depends on) like this:


This is the Announcements node.

But in some other nodes like XenForo pre-sales questions for example, I see it's a bit different:


While the TAG section is the content tags list under the thread title, within the thread view:


I've also seen that the filter bar is also in the conversations list, but that is only accessible to members, so no need to apply to that.
I'm not 100% sure but I assume those filters buttons in the screenshots are the only ones that are visible to unregistered users.

Thanks in advance for your time, no rush at all :)
Go to the template and find the part, where the filters are shown, then add:

<xen:if is="{!$visitor.is_guest}">

code for showing filter


The filters could still be used by a guest, but they dont see the form anymore.
Ah that's what you meant then (y)

I've already tried that, but then every template will need to be edited again after every update... not really the best option though :)
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