1. El Porcharo

    XF 2.2 Thread Tags and Filters permissions

    Hi guys, I've set my community to prevent unregistered user to use the search function, but I would also like to restrict the use of Filters and Tag filtering to members only. I've seen there's nothing about that among XF permissions and I couldn't even find any add-on for this or anything...
  2. djgxp

    Fixed Api get threads with filter last_days

    By default, last_days is defined in Xenforo and if you are not adding any filter parameter to /api/threads/ you are getting something like last_post_date > 11111111 (where 11111111 here is the timestamp of the current date minus 1 month). if I set /api/threads/?last_days=0 in order to get all...
  3. X

    Watched Threads Filtering 1.9.0

    XenForo 2 removes the unread view from the watched thread list, but adds filtering in various other places. Watched threads backups When a mass watched threads deletes happen, a backup is created Prompts users to restore if there is an empty list Adds a menu dropdown under "manage watched...
  4. O

    Tagging informative messages

    Hi, I am not aware if this question was asked or the feature is already established. Made a quick search and could not find an answer. In a thread, is it possible to tag each individual message with a keyword (by moderators or a higher class of users, ie "experienced users"), or at least letting...