Default filter: Hide or exclude posts with certain prefix


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Our usecase is as follows: we use the great OzzModz Advanced Forms addon to create several forms for members, for example to submit certain declarations. Those results are posted in a specific node where certain usergroups are evaluating them.

Those topics are given a fixed prefix, eg. "to be processed".
When a user has processed such declaration, he can set the prefix (change the topic subject) to "in progress", "accepted" or "rejected". This way they label the current status of any request or application.

Now as for the request; we would like to filter this specific node with pending results on prefix by default, so all prefixes are shown except "accepted" and "rejected". They should be able to select them again in the filter on the top right, it's just the default filter that we want to be set differently for this node.

Is this possible at all, does it require an addon or will it become possible maybe in 2.3?
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