As designed Why we dont show the default filter in XFRM?

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public function getResourceFilterInput()

at the end $filters is empty, when last_update, desc (defaults)
and not empty for last_update, asc and all others


//if ($input['order'] != $defaultOrder || $input['direction'] != $defaultDir)
if (1==1)
$filters['order'] = $input['order'];
$filters['direction'] = $input['direction'];

When filters == default and dir = default, we dont pass filters back.
But why XF should do this? Why we give infos about every filter, but not about the default one?
Makes no sense to me.
Also it is a hint for users that there is {something with filters}, i am shure that really a lot of people have no idea, that there are filters to use. (If we dont talk about webmasters looking for addons)


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Filters are only applied if they differ from the default value that would normally be applied, so this is the expected and correct behavior.