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How to hide or remove the miniMe small square avatar on threads that you've replied to?


Well-known member
As in the image below:


I've tried the following and a few variations thereof but it doesn't seem to do anything. Am I looking in the wrong place?

.discussionListItem .posterAvatar .miniMi {
display: none;



Well-known member
Hmm...how odd...I'll try it on my test board this evening and fiddle with it some more, it doesn't seem to affect my live site at the moment though :confused:
Make sure that you have the !important - as I tried it on my test and live site and without the important it doesn't work with the !important it works with no issues.


Well-known member
Okay, that's really weird, I've just tried it again and it is working! I had tried it with !important; too back on Wednesday, perhaps it was just an issue with my PC (or just me being a cabbage somehow)

All good now though, thanks :)