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Oh ok, thanks...

I kept trying to drag it to the bottom or to the side instead of to the top. I didn't realize the top part were additional buttons.


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cclaerhout updated BbCodes & Buttons Manager with a new update entry:

Version 3.3.2 released

Version 3.3.2 released
  • Improve the "Buttons" helper
    Add a "Phrase Wrapper" coded by Xon which improves performance and which doesn't require anymore to set phrases as global in the Bb Codes options. A big thank to him as usual.
  • Fix a bug with the "Bb Code" helper
    The getSpecialTags fonction had two bugs that made it incompatible with several different special tags. Thanks to Aivaras
    P.S: The addon...

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Maester Aemon

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Something wrong, it breaks website.


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Though I'm a bit confused on how to create a tag.
See the example "How to create a Bb Code with the template render and a callback?" in the FAQ.
I want to create a tag that will both make a put an image inside of a spoiler tag with a specific tag title
You're resquesting a double level of wrapping: a custom tag that will be wrapped by the XenForo Img Tag, which will wrapped with a Spoiler tag. That's out of the scope of this addon and will require custom dev.


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@Maester Aemon

You can try this, it will work:
Callback (old method => doesn't use the listener => I was lazy and wanted to do something quickly):

class YourClass_Callback
   public static function Render(&$content, array &$options, &$templateName, &$fallBack, array $rendererStates, $parentClass)
     $options['bbCodeParser'] = $parentClass->getTransparentParser();

<xen:if is="!{$options.1}">
   <xen:set var="$bbCodeEval">[spoiler][img]{$content}[/img][/spoiler]</xen:set>
<xen:else />
   <xen:set var="$bbCodeEval">[spoiler={$options.1}][img]{$content}[/img][/spoiler]</xen:set>

{xen:helper bbCode, $options.bbCodeParser, $bbCodeEval}
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