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Unmaintained BbCodes & Buttons Manager 3.3.5

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Version 3.3.5 released

  • Support for bbcode render permissions in reports for post
  • Fix bbcode map tracking to exclude non-visible posts
  • Reduce db queries against Bbm table
  • Fix an incorrect class name

All patches have been provided by Xon - a big thank to him
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Version 3.3.4 released
  • Permissions bug fixed (thanks to Xon)
  • Improve listeners performance for the protection (thanks ton Xon)
  • Update Miniparser for better performance
  • Sanitize some string in option of admin side to avoid XSS breach (Thanks to Julien from RCE Security for his POC)
Version 3.3.3 released
  • Fix the Bb Codes inside Signatures - Thanks to Gates
  • A TinyMCE button icon has been disabled since it has been deleted from the original TinyMCE package

This update is recommended.
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Version released
  • Modify a part of the code to make it compatible with versions of PHP below 5.5 [ref]
Version released

  • Small fix for the 3.3.2 version with a variable [ref]. I still increment the addon version with x.x.x.1 to avoid any confusion.

Sorry for this.
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Version 3.3.2 released
  • Improve the "Buttons" helper
    Add a "Phrase Wrapper" coded by Xon which improves performance and which doesn't require anymore to set phrases as global in the Bb Codes options. A big thank to Xon as usual.
  • Fix a bug with the "Bb Code" helper
    The getSpecialTags fonction had two bugs that made it incompatible with several different special tags. Thanks to Aivaras
    P.S: The addon Stats & Charts Bb Codes needs this.
Version 3.3.1 released
  • Check if some options have been installed before to use them
    Explanation: when you upgrade the addon, the files are first replace, then the xml is used to upgrade. The options are declared inside the xml files. If an option is not yet available (not installed) XenForo will return a null value, no matter your option was declared as an array. If in your code you use this option with a php function that requires an array and instead it gets a null, then the error occurs.
  • Xon added an option to only do pre-caching for tags that are sufficiently used

Note that if you've upgraded to version 3.3.0 without any problems, you don't really need to do this upgrade.
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Version 3.3.0 released

This update has mostly been operated by Xon. He focused on the Bb Code pre-cache system (to make it simple, this pre-cache system can be enabled with some Bb Codes that have been coded for to get and cache all data they need in the page from a single database request, then to parse them using the collected data). The page loading time (for one that had a lot of Bb Codes) was reduced from 2s to about 0.7s. A big thank to him.

  • The pre-cache system has been optimized (read above)
  • The tag map routine has been fixed when invalid tags were triggered after the maximum Bb Codes depth limit was reached
  • The code has been tweaked to get rid of an useless section (cf class loader=> already done by PHP) and to assure the tag map remains accurate if other addons modify the view
  • Add permissions (parsing & viewing) for the XenForo Color Bb Code - Requested by Static-Xbox
  • Options layout & description have been modified to make the reading easier
  • A css attribute has been deleted to prevent any display issue with the new responsive admin section


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Version 3.2.2 released
  • Fix a function that had two times the same argument which was triggering an error under PHP 7. Thanks to Xon and Pegasus
  • Fix url autolinking with special tags (slave tags ; ie {td}{/td}). Thanks to Gates.
  • Add some functions to get the current callback tag processed by the Bb Code callback and not "simply" the actual tag being processed.
    • Fix with these features the function "addTagExtra". Thanks to Xon
    • Explanation: the Bb Code callback has the Bb Code content available. So if the content has some Bb Codes in it, the current Bb Code being processed won't be the callback tag. The addTagExtra function is meant to add extra data to the callback tag, not the actual tag.

This is a maintenance release: nothing new but fixes.
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Version 3.2.1 released
  • Font Awesome integration compatible with SSL
    • An helper has been coded to detect if the full base path is using SSL; if it is the FA integration link will be done using https (the official Font Awesome CDN supports it)
    • Purpose: make FA integration works on SSL installations
  • Creation of a JavaScript script integrated in the permissions pages to prevent the BBM settings to be managed by clicking the "Check all" buttons (at the top of the page).
    • Purpose: avoid to tell you everytime: "See the 13th paragraph of the FAQ"
  • Check if TinyMCE Quattro is really enabled
    • Purpose: if you have selected to disable MCE on mobiles, Bbm will not override this setting

This update is a minor one but could be useful for some of you... and for me as well (see paragraph 2 ^^). If you want to check what's new with the version 3.2.x (which is a major one), please click here.
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