BbCodes & Buttons Manager

Unmaintained BbCodes & Buttons Manager 3.3.5

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An excellent add-on, and very flexible. The developer offers great support for a free add-ons of such complexity. Also receptive submitted code additions and bugfixes.
Thanks but you far more than help to develop and improve this addon :)
Works great in combination with the HTML5 addon!
Thank you master. Great work.
One of the best add-ons available to give that additional control to Xenforo posting functionality. Well done.
Awesome ! Thanks for this great improvement .. All the bbcodesystem you did for xenforo is really usefull
Nice, thanks. Really pleased that this add-on makes it possible to add HTML in resources section, too.
Excellent update. I don't know why Dobrodukh rate this addon 2 stars?
Great update !
Lots of options and it is not clear how this is configured and running.
That's a very nice way to support a free addon, that by the way has been fully documented inside its options and it's FAQ. Thank you and congratulations.
Great, thank you very much for the updated.
Excellent update !!
It works great thank you, great addon
Properly installed and all your updates, thank you very much.
Great work mate, thank you very much.
Installed perfectly.
Works perfect! Thanks mate.
Thank you for very fast updates!
Yeahh!, thank you very much master! :-)
Thank you very much !
Great work, thank you very much mate.
Thank you very much.
Installed and updated perfect.
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