XF 2.1 Banned members can still login and PM!


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The last day I banned a member (Used the SPAM bottom) because he spammed the forum.

Today he came back and send me a PM, how is that possible?

In the old version of Xenforo a BANNED member wasn't able to login any more.


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If the member is banned, then they won't be able to do that.

Either they are not banned, they have used a different account, or a third party add-on is involved.


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Actually while reviewing permissions after my first import attempt last week I found inconsistencies with permissions on some of the user groups that should have been restricted. I thought it was just an oversight on my part from the vb software , but this sounds like the same thing.

I grew mind numb correcting and going through all the user groups we have needed over the last 10 years but Banned (changed to In the pokey) was able to do many things according to the permissions in that group.

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I grew mind numb correcting and going through all the user groups we have needed over the last 10 years but Banned (changed to In the pokey) was able to do many things according to the permissions in that group.

XenForo does not use a usergroup to manage banned users, it uses a flag in the database. As banned users cannot access the forum (it's checked before permissions are, IIRC), their usergroup doesn't actually make any difference to their access.


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Create a new usergroup called: Banned

And then within that set all permissions to 'No' (or edit to your requirements)

You can set 'User banner text' to something like 'Account Locked' and select a banner style.

Then within: Setup > Options >User discouragement and discipline....

set 'Add user group on ban' to Banned (or the name you gave your banned usergroup.

Once a member is banned they will be automatically added to the 'Banned' usergroup where all permissions are set to 'No' (or what you have selected), and under their avatar will be a banner that reads 'Account Locked'


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Has anyone verified this?

We use Tapatalk and just had a member who had been banned (and still shows as banned) make a post. My staff is freaking out a bit to say the least. Any further notes on this would be appreciated.
Curious if you ever resolved this?

We seem to be having a similar issue.

Here I see the user registration was rejected:
Maria27388RejectedToday at 1:55 AM

and yet this user was still able to create a spam thread


and worse new users should be subject to having their 1st two posts and threads moderated...


So at this point I'm not sure if its tapatalk by passing, add on conflicts or who knows...
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Why on earth would anyone be using Tapatalk with Xenforo?

Security issues with Tapatalk have been known for years and the only reason most people continued to use it was because older versions of vBulletin weren't responsive.

Uninstall Tapatalk. Problem solved.

Yes @djbaxter.
We banned tapatalk in 2016 when we switched to xenforo.
Eight weeks a few users cried. Today no one asks for this completely outdated crap anymore.

I wish it were that simple and while I whole heartedly agree. Unfortunately that would put all of our ios users at a disadvantage in our marketplace. While android users get web push notifications when new threads are created (new items for sale), ios users do not other than via tapatalk interface.


Not the same as a push notification. I get it. Yes I agree tapatalk bad.

Personally I hate it because they inject their own advertising and don't display the advertising our sponsors pay for. However the BST Marketplace on our board is very competitive and I'm not going to handicap a portion of the population because apple is stupid.

I'm really looking for feedback here. Is this person getting past our registration defenses because they are using tapatalk to register?

Another option might be turning off web push? That way I can turn off tapatalk as well and have a level playing field for every member. Just kind of sucks.