XF 2.1 Banned members can still login and PM!


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The last day I banned a member (Used the SPAM bottom) because he spammed the forum.

Today he came back and send me a PM, how is that possible?

In the old version of Xenforo a BANNED member wasn't able to login any more.


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For us, the answer was very simple. TapaTalk is a risk.
If you stick with Apple, you have to accept their approach to innovation.

As I said, eight weeks ago a few users complained. After that it was quiet.

If banned users are able to continue sending spam because of TapaTalk, then it's time to stop. Disable TapaTalk, problem solved.
But of course you should also explain to your users.


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I'm really looking for feedback here. Is this person getting past our registration defenses because they are using tapatalk to register?
Yes. I haven't used Tapatalk since vBulletin but there I turned off registration via Tapatalk and forced all registrations to go through the forum. There should be a way for you to do that in your Tapatalk settings - go to your Tapatalk account.
Another option might be turning off web push? That way I can turn off tapatalk as well and have a level playing field for every member. Just kind of sucks.
You could do that. They will still get notifications within the forum - they'll just have to log in to see them.


I made those adjustments to the tapatalk add on earlier this morning after my post. I had forgotten about those. Have to wait until tonight to see if it makes any difference. I have already proposed various options for completely disabling it to the other board of directors members.