Banned Members and Conversations, PM, Leaving Convos, etc...


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A member is accusing us of deleting a convo since one in his box has gone away (according to him).

Chances are, knowing the situation, the that convo was one-way (he probably never answered) and that the sender was banned afterwards (was spamming our PM system).

Can someone point me to, or carefully explain, what happens in all situations regarding conversations? That is, stuff like:

1. What happens to one way convos of a banned member?
2. What happens when someone leaves a convo - a one way or a two way?

and all the other possible moves?

I can state, without question, that no one deleted any of his convos.


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You're saying a member was banned and was spamming your PM system. Did you happen to run the spam cleaner with the "Delete conversations" option checked?


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There are only two ways for a conversation to be removed from someone's list:
  1. They leave it voluntarily.
  2. It is removed either via the spam cleaner or the admin option to remove conversations sent by a user. This is specifically for the spamming situation, where it removes the spam from the receivers.
It sounds like you probably triggered #2 (in which case, the conversation was deleted). If he was spamming the system, it sounds like the right choice too.


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Having this clearly spelled out is important - or at least in this case!

I'm not sure what I cleaned from the banned dude - put it this way, he was one of those guys who started a forum just because he got angry he could not talk enough about guns (we don't have a gun forum!), and then started PMing and having others PM all their contacts to go to his new board.

Of course, the word censor eventually took care of that one!