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Do I understand this decision correctly?

In my instance I am a subscriber of the yearly plan. I use some of the addons and themes. All that will be free now. In my case I never ask for support. I just live with the bugs/ignore it/just fix it myself. I do update as new versions are released. Now, basically I can cancel that subscription right since all those products will be free and I don't use the support?

If that is right, I'm perplexed by the business model. Yes I know that's none of my business. I hope you guys do stay active in the xf community and are active in development of new stuff.


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Not every addon will be free. Some will only be accessible by the subscription (with support) or if you've previously purchased a standalone license (without support). There's a list earlier in the thread for which will be subscription-only.


1. We are reducing offering 30 addons and themes to offering 1 package, so we're still here but in a MUCH smaller capacity for a much smaller group who rely on us.

Excellent... I'm interested in hearing about this smaller group of clients that could benefit from your direct work and support. I have contacted you on your site.

The old mentality of the captain will go down with the ship is just that... old.

In my opinion one thing has really killed forums. It's that fact that many many forums have the old school mentality that a new member should search the forums because this answer has already been posted 1,000 times.

Instead of getting instant answers like we all used to on forums... a new user gets an instant abrasive conversation... and many times this comes from the admins / mods... nice welcome to the site.

I'm only getting 10% or less of the posts that I used to get... but I'm still getting 45% of the traffic that I used to get. There's still a lot there to work with. It's too bad I didn't realize this sooner... I'be been guilty of destroying my own site for years.

After all... when was the last time you saw someone respond to a Facebook post with search Facebook as someone already posted this?

Anyways... change is good... and good luck to @Mike Creuzer and company!