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Hey all! Our team is currently working on some exciting add-ons... We want to share a sneak peek of one - it has tone detect functionality which can help users focus on positivity within their communities. Check it out in action below! And feel free to leave a comment :)

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Any news on this :) ?

Mike C

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We have no plans to do a XenForo to XenForo user bridge at this time. Let us know if we can assist with anything else here or through our support portal here.
Looking at this product:
XPress Forum User Bridge WordPress Add-on — ThemeHouse

So it is already possible to connect XF userbase with WordPress.
Any plans to do a XF <> XF user bridge?
That would be awesome!
This is best accomplished with an Oauth implementation. Something we do have tools to do, but its more of a custom job. So yes its possible but there is no product we have thats available for purchase.


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Hey everyone! We wanted to share an absolutely incredible project we had the honor of working on with XDA-Developers. Their updated community is live, and looking pretty great if we do say so ourselves. Check out our Linkedin post here, and give us a follow if you'd like to 🖤


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Happy Monday, all! Last month we had the pleasure of co-hosting our first webinar with XenForo - XenForo Insights. Episode 1 was truly informative - Mike Creuzer of Audentio and Kier Darby of XenForo covered getting off the ground and first admin tasks.

Check out the full webinar here!

Episode 2 is coming up - this Friday at 9:00am CST - and we have a special guest speaker as well. If you aren't already signed up, click here to do so. We'll be sharing a Zoom link before Friday as well. Looking forward to seeing you all there!