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Hello you two!

Since XenForo 2.2 is still in beta we have no plans to release updates until XenForo sends out a release candidate or a gold release.

Let us know if we can help with anything else! :)

Nothing in particular just curiosity about the size of the update for the UI.X theme and if new features are planned or something :D


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Hey everybody! In the mood to bring a festive and spooky feel to your community this fall? Check out Boo! - a theme we created based on our popular iO Dark theme and add some flying bats with our Holidays add-on! 🦇



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Thanks for the kind words!

A seamless bridge between XenForo and Wordpress was a requirement when we migrated from vBulletin several years ago and as Jake mentioned X-Press did just that. As an added bonus we’ve been able to also add MediaWiki to cover even more topics. It’s not integrated as much as Pool School is just yet, but it’s in the plans. We do run into issues on rare occasions with the X-press causing plug-In issues from Wordpress and messing stuff up. Since TFP tends to focus on content over “flash” those issues tend to be solved by simply not using the Wordpress plugin. 😂

The fact that you had to ask if this was custom is a huge compliment to Audentio as we had planned to do something custom. After talking to @Mike Creuzer he quickly tossed out X-Press and saved us a ton of man-hours. I was able to then take those savings and spent it on other projects with Audentio. Look for some additional changes this winter as we just this month signed an agreement to have more work do to make TFP even better. 👍👍

What’s your username on TFP @Digital Doctor ???
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