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Add-on Advanced Feeder


Active member
What I need:
  • Control RSS feed check time (X minutes).
  • Option to exclude items older than X minutes (e.g. to prevent posting very old posts that for some reason appeared in RSS feed).
  • Post threads as redirect links to the URLs in RSS feed.
  • Thread title = item title.
  • Optional prefix or suffix for thread titles.
  • Choice of the thread starter user.
  • Filter by author (option to include and exclude items with given author).
  • Filter by category (option to include and exclude items with given categories).
  • Filter by keywords found in URL (option to include and exclude items with given keywords in item URLs).
  • Choice of subforums (nodes) depending on categories, author, item URL keywords, feed.
  • Support for several feeds each with their own set of options.
  • Ideally, it should be an add-on over existing Feeder functionality of XF.
Can anyone code it? How much would that cost?