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  1. V

    XF 2.2 RSS Feed Importer to posts

    Questuon 1. Is there a way so that the RSS Feed Importer can be configured so the RSS items are posted one after the other as messages into a single thread. Currently every RSS item is posted as an individual thread. We have to manually merge threads so it looks somewhat in order. Question...
  2. J

    XF 2.2 RSS Feed Parsing Error

    One of my users has reported an RSS feed error that started happening recently. When I tried to validate the feed on one of the RSS feed validation websites, I received a parsing error. Here is the screenshot from the website output: Does anyone know why this would have started happening...
  3. R

    XF 2.2 XFMG RSS Single Result Only?

    Hi I am trying to pull in the XFMG gallery RSS feed but when you view the result, it only has one entry. Is there a way to output more than one result from a gallery? Thanks
  4. tohaitrieu

    XF 2.1 Tag RSS Feeds

    Dear Support I have a tag: How I can get RSS for each tag in xenforo Forum?
  5. N

    Add-on xF Media Gallery (XFMG) RSS Feeds

    All I want is to able to post a thread via rss feed from my media gallery item into a node of my choice in my forums... As for some unknown reasons, rss feeds in media gallery have been removed in core xF2.1, would request devs to make/find a workaround... already discussed in another thread...
  6. WoodiE

    MG 2.1 Is RSS broken or just turned off?

    I know in the past we could just add /index.rss to the end of the Media Gallery URL and it would show a proper RSS feed. However I've noticed that is no longer the case, see here - When you view the file its contents are as follows: <?xml...
  7. DWJames

    XF 1.5 rss feed contains moderated threads

    Hi, it seems our RSS feed contains threads which have been identified as spam and therefore are in a 'moderated' status. Is this normal and what's the best way to stop these moderated threads from being included? thanks, James
  8. D

    Import to Xenforo posts and comments from rss feed Wordpress - it's real?

    Hello! Can Xenforo import rss feed posts along with comments to this posts - create a forum topic, and post comments as answers? Of course, if I include comments in the rss feed on my site.
  9. SyTry

    XF 1.5 How to reset the RSS feed ?

    Hi, How can I reset the RSS feed in my forum ? XenForo 1.5.14. I modified the length of RSS feeds on my forum but it does not change. By default the value is 140 and I set 20 but its does not change anything. Thanks in advance, friendly.
  10. M

    XF 1.5 RSS Feed Length?

    Xenforo defaults to only show 8 entries on the RSS feed ( How can this number be increased? I've seen it done on other forums, but can't seem to find any options for it.
  11. shabbirbhimani

    Unmaintained RSS Feed for Categories and Child Forums 1.0.0

    A simple addon that enables RSS feeds for categories and adds threads in child forums into the rss feed of the parent forum. If you enable pages for categories, the RSS url will be added to the Meta header section. If you use SEO friendly URLs, the url for RSS is same as for any forums...
  12. O

    XF 1.4 XF RSS Feed not working

    Hello, The RSS link on my XF forum isn't working. it just shows some errors: <errors> ");"><error> <![CDATA[ העמוד שביקשת אינו נמצא. ]]> </error> </errors> See here:
  13. enivid

    Add-on Advanced Feeder

    What I need: Control RSS feed check time (X minutes). Option to exclude items older than X minutes (e.g. to prevent posting very old posts that for some reason appeared in RSS feed). Post threads as redirect links to the URLs in RSS feed. Thread title = item title. Optional prefix or suffix...
  14. G

    Add-on Photo Wall

    I'm looking to have a "photo wall" made, that displays the latest (public) images added to the XMG as un-cropped images. I also want this to be published as a RSS feed. I'm also looking for a RSS feed of the latest members.
  15. cjesuele

    Add-on Need Custom Registered Feed (RSS) BBCode Tokens - Great Budget

    I’m pulling in eBay’s RSS feeds onto my Xenforo message board via Applications > Registered Feeds. In the Message Template (when creating a new Feed) I’m able to pull in the {title} {content} {author} {link} GOAL - I need to pull the eBay Item ID Number as well. The Item ID Number is actually...
  16. Freelancer

    XF 1.5 Automatic thread tagging with RSS feeds & automatic threads not always working

    I am not quite sure how thread tagging works with automatically generated threads from RSS feeds and automatically generated threads from add-ons (like XFRM and many others for example). I experienced tags automatically assigned to a thread when they were set up in the specific forum node and...
  17. dotpro

    Fixed RSS feed no longer shows images

    Hi, I am not sure what happened but gallery rss feed no longer shows images. Tried different PCs, browsers, feedburner, nothing. Just titles and descriptions. Source code shows the image link, etc. as it did before. Is there a setting for this or something?
  18. farang

    [TRN] RSS Extended [Deleted]

    farang submitted a new resource: [fgX] RSS Extended - Adds additional configuration paramaters that controls the RSS stream Read more about this resource...
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