Cannot reproduce [xF 2.3.0 RC2] RSS Feed not working


Affected version
2.3.0 RC2
We tried to use the RSS feed link with and it says 'We can't find a working feed there' & 'We can't validate your feed: Content is an HTML Document, not an RSS/Atom feed'

Also, with Firefox, clicking the RSS Feed icon, downloads a file instead of opening the RSS feed in a new tab.
That is to say the /forums/-/index.rss URL? The feed URL for this site works fine with in my testing. It may be worth noting that if you don't have any publicly viewable threads that are newer than the read-marking cutoff, then the feed will not contain any entries. It's still a valid feed though, and even in that case I was able to validate with successfully.
That is the URL we used and we couldn't get it to work with xF 2.3.0 Beta 2 or any later version. Had to completely switch site back to xF 2.2.16 where the RSS works correctly with and Firefox shows the contents of the RSS feed when you click the icon instead of trying to download it.
Unfortunately without being able to reproduce this ourselves and without access to an installation where it can be reproduced, it is difficult to diagnose the issue further. If you still experience trouble after updating to 2.3, let us know and we'll get it sorted.
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