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We're currently revisiting the E-Mails we send to members with a few goals:
  • Send them through a 3rd party (completed with Mandrill)
  • Make them look WAY better (with templates, MailChimp, etc)
  • Make them more dynamic (with variables based on user's XF preferences)
  • Different newsletters they can subscribe/manage from one admin (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc)
  • Lots of options to customize what gets sent (X threads created within last Y days, sorted by most Z, different sections querying different forums, etc...)
It seems that @AndyB has the most advanced E-Mail add-on for XF right now, which is a great start, but we want something more advanced and are willing to pay for it.

Does something already exist? If so, link? If not, want to develop it for us?
While that has great email subscription features, you can only email one thing. A "Reader's Digest" of your most popular forum threads. No other threads, no addon content types or other forum content. Which seems to defeat the purpose of a newsletter. Its an addon with great promise. Unfortunately no new features are slated for the XF1 version, because the focus is on XF2. So I hope the XF2 version will have more options for sending out content.
To elaborate:
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