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  1. threadloom

    Threadloom Newsletter 1.0

    Description Threadloom Newsletter lets you easily send smart email newsletters. It uses machine learning to select your best content. This produces newsletters with higher click rates, and saves you time. You can send newsletters automatically, or create a review panel to curate them with...
  2. threadloom

    Looking for feedback on a new email newsletter service

    We would love to get your feedback to better understand how forum owners think about email newsletters for their members. We have a short, 5-question survey that takes about 1 minute to complete. Every response helps! If we bring this service to market, we'll give higher priority to survey...
  3. Alfa1

    Add-on Does anyone have a good newsletter addon?

    I know there are a few nice addons that claim to offer a newsletter, but I am asking for something different. What I need is a mailing solution that has: Arrange & configure the layout of the email Allow us to define configurable blocks of digests from forums and addons. For example: the 5 most...
  4. Brent W

    Sendy Newsletter Generator 1.3.0

    View My Sendy Case Study! Sendy.co Newsletter Generator (Now listed on their official website: https://sendy.co/api#xenforo) Works Only With Sendy.co Allow you to enable or disable the automatic creation of a newsletter using threads based on the follow criteria: Replies, Likes, Views over x...
  5. ActorMike

    Lack of interest Schedule the "email users" time

    I think it would be nice to be able to schedule the email to users for a future date/time. I really like being able to sent a test mail before the official one BTW.
  6. DragonByte Tech

    [DBTech] DragonByte Mail 3.3.0

    DragonByte Mail is a professional mailing list mod with advanced subscription management features. Additionally, it has a newsletter feature that highlights your most popular threads. Uses DragonByte Mail is the perfect solution for any forum who wish to send out large quantities of mail to...
  7. trigatch4

    Add-on Advanced E-Mail Newsletter Add-On

    We're currently revisiting the E-Mails we send to members with a few goals: Send them through a 3rd party (completed with Mandrill) Make them look WAY better (with templates, MailChimp, etc) Make them more dynamic (with variables based on user's XF preferences) Different newsletters they can...
  8. jauburn

    Best day and time to send email newsletters?

    For those of you who have experimented with various days and times to send email newsletters, what have you found works the best? I know the answer to this can be partially or wholly dependent upon your particular audience, but still I think it would be interesting to hear the experience of...