Force Privacy settings confirmation: Record opt-in for news and update emails (GDPR)


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My site is decades old. Members have opted into my newsletter before there was ever an audit trail.
Now with the GDPR I am supposed to be able to prove that my members opted in or face potentially millions in fines. But there is no functionality to prove legacy members have ever given consent.

I can setup a notice and ask members to check their privacy settings. But there is no way to confirm it for members.
It would be nice to have a confirm button. It would be confusing to use the 'save' button to save without changing the settings. But even if they would do so then nothing is logged in the user change log.

So I would like to request a similar function to the functions to agree to rules or policy:

Force Privacy settings confirmation
  1. This would force any user to go to their privacy settings page and click a confirm button.
  2. These privacy settings are then logged to the user change log.
  3. With sending newsletters in admin.php?users/email, add an setting: 'Only send to users with recorded consent to receive news and update emails'

Then we would have proof that the user has actually agreed with receiving newsletter email from the site and we do not have to fear bizarre GDPR fines when we email hundreds of thousands of members.
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