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  1. NDavid

    XF 2.2 Which of these privacy settings could be bypass?

    I'm aware that these two privacy settings will be bypassed when bypass user privacy is enabled: Show your online status View your details on your profile page How about the following privacy settings, which of these 4 will be bypassed as well? Post messages on your profile page Receive your...
  2. Alpha1

    Force Privacy settings confirmation: Record opt-in for news and update emails (GDPR)

    My site is decades old. Members have opted into my newsletter before there was ever an audit trail. Now with the GDPR I am supposed to be able to prove that my members opted in or face potentially millions in fines. But there is no functionality to prove legacy members have ever given consent...
  3. jauburn

    XF 1.5 Tags created on private threads show up on Search Tags page

    Tags created on threads in private boards (or moderator-only boards) show up on the Search Tags page. Not sure whether this should be considered a bug, but I would think thread visibility settings should also apply to the tags associated with those threads. Use case example (fictitious, but...
  4. The Sandman

    Lack of interest [Suggestion] One more PC issue

    It's extremely annoying when you spend time composing a PC to someone, only to find that they don't accept them from people not on their list (and you're not on their list). It's true that in such a case, the Member Card and Profile Page "Start a Conversation" links don't appear, so there is a...
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