1. P

    XF 2.1 Email to **** failed: Connection could not be established with

    Explanation of the error: A user tried desperately to reset his password. However, he never received an email and has now registered again. I have had the problem before and honestly I keep getting such e-mail error messages that I have often ignored because I simply did not know what was going...
  2. erich37

    Remind Users to Return

    Remind Users to Return Suggestion: Add "and receive email notifications" to Alert Preferences. Why ? Habits don’t form overnight. It takes several days, often weeks for a product or service to earn unprompted user engagement, triggered by people’s day-to-day emotions. Consider your use of...
  3. balkanminion

    XF 1.5 No Email and cant Login

    Hello, my homepage balkanonline.net doesnt sends any mails. And when i want to Login as Admin, i need the 2 step verification via e-mail, but i dont get any mail. Also password recovory isnt, working. Please help me. Thank You
  4. trigatch4

    Add-on Advanced E-Mail Newsletter Add-On

    We're currently revisiting the E-Mails we send to members with a few goals: Send them through a 3rd party (completed with Mandrill) Make them look WAY better (with templates, MailChimp, etc) Make them more dynamic (with variables based on user's XF preferences) Different newsletters they can...
  5. D

    XF 1.5 Two-Step Verification Code Not Being Sent

    Hi there, When trying to log in, I'm prompted for a two-step verification code. However, no code has been sent to my designated e-mail account as of late - thus, preventing me from logging in on my secondary account. I have tried disabling this feature with my main admin account under "General...
  6. step-83

    XF 1.5 Mass delete or ban users, criterion e-mail

    Need support. How can mass delete or block existing users on the criterion of "e-mail"? Perhaps there is a ready-made Add-on?
  7. RichardKYA

    XF 1.5 Style e-mail elements

    Hello, I've styled all the e-mail templates, but I can't find where to edit and style the e-mail elements, quotes, etc. They still display as the XF default style... Where can I style these to match my custom style? Thank you
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