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  1. erich37

    Remind Users to Return

    Remind Users to Return Suggestion: Add "and receive email notifications" to Alert Preferences. Why ? Habits don’t form overnight. It takes several days, often weeks for a product or service to earn unprompted user engagement, triggered by people’s day-to-day emotions. Consider your use of...
  2. balkanminion

    XF 1.5 No Email and cant Login

    Hello, my homepage balkanonline.net doesnt sends any mails. And when i want to Login as Admin, i need the 2 step verification via e-mail, but i dont get any mail. Also password recovory isnt, working. Please help me. Thank You
  3. trigatch4

    Add-on Advanced E-Mail Newsletter Add-On

    We're currently revisiting the E-Mails we send to members with a few goals: Send them through a 3rd party (completed with Mandrill) Make them look WAY better (with templates, MailChimp, etc) Make them more dynamic (with variables based on user's XF preferences) Different newsletters they can...
  4. alexD

    E-mail Address Restrictions v1.0.0

    Allow only specific e-mail hosts to be used in e-mails or disallow others. This add-on works not only on user registration but on other pages such as the user's Contact Details page, when a user modifies their e-mail. Administrators can still bypass the e-mail restrictions when editing users...
  5. D

    XF 1.5 Two-Step Verification Code Not Being Sent

    Hi there, When trying to log in, I'm prompted for a two-step verification code. However, no code has been sent to my designated e-mail account as of late - thus, preventing me from logging in on my secondary account. I have tried disabling this feature with my main admin account under "General...
  6. step-83

    XF 1.5 Mass delete or ban users, criterion e-mail

    Need support. How can mass delete or block existing users on the criterion of "e-mail"? Perhaps there is a ready-made Add-on?
  7. RichardKYA

    XF 1.5 Style e-mail elements

    Hello, I've styled all the e-mail templates, but I can't find where to edit and style the e-mail elements, quotes, etc. They still display as the XF default style... Where can I style these to match my custom style? Thank you