Fixed  AdminCP - Template/Phrases Revert


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Two problems here

1. Changed a setting in header.css, went to revert it, the red cross tooltip says "Revert the customisations to this template", however the confirmation screen asks if I want to delete the template.

2. Changed a phrase, the red cross next to that template's tooltip says" Delete ...". Confirmation screen also asks if I want to delete it.

In both cases should both the tooltips and confirmation say revert not delete?


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It should be changed to revert template, it gave me a huge scare when I pressed the X and thught I would lose the template entirely :/ Then I realised the Alt text and proceeded, but still.



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It seems that when you go to edit a modified template, the three options you get at the bottom are
Save All changes - Save and exit - Delete template

It would be better for it to say "revert template" it's quite scary to say "delete" as I keep thinking I will no longer have access to it and it will cause trouble :(


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I'll take a look and see if we can resolve this. The difficulty comes in debug mode, where delete really does mean delete, when working with the master style.


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On my default template, I customised the footer and the tooltip says revert customisation but when I click the cross button, it says delete. I was confused so I searched for this topic here to be sure.