XF 1.4 AdminCP Template List suddenly 'hanging'


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At some point during a recent upgrade, the template list likes to hang / freeze for a good few seconds.
It's mostly when you use the Filter textbox. It just hangs before changing the results.

I only have 1 master style installed, 1 sub-master style and 4 derivatives of that sub-master style.

Happens on both Chrome and Safari, running OSX Yosemite, fully updated and patched.
Although on Safari it doesn't seem to be as sluggish.

Strange question I know, any thoughts?


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The filtering system hasn't change for a long time, so it's nothing new there really. The filtering is all done in JS client side, so something happening on your computer/browser could potentially be relevant. The only other variable would really be the total number of templates (as each has to be considered for filtering). Out of the box (no add-ons), I believe there would be fewer than 500.


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Thanks Mike

I'm wondering if it's something to do with either a recent Yosemite patch, or a recent Java patch.
I tried refreshing my local installation of XenForo (with the default templates) and it is noticably less laggy, but still not as quick as it is everywhere else.