Lack of interest Add Email invalid (bounced) to Common Searches


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I searched really well and couldn't find this suggestion. If it's there I'll accept my public flogging!

I would like to have the ability to easily search members in the "Email invalid (bounced)" status by having it added to the Common Searches list in ACP. For reference purposes it's found by following this chain: Users > Search for Users > Common Searches

Currently, I can initiate a search and bring up the list by selecting the relevant search options, but after selecting a member from the resultant list and pressing delete (then confirming the delete), instead of returning to the original search list (minus the last deletion) I'm brought back to the main Users page, or the beginning. This also happens even if I simply click the Red X off to the right on the search list.

Keeping this list clean should help admins avoid being blacklisted or earmarked as sending spam, thus the reason I would like to suggest a streamlined method for accomplishing this task. The biggest pain is being taken back to the beginning step after every deletion and having to start over. Thanks in advance for considering my request!