XF 2.2 User state: Email invalid (bounced)



I have a user who complains that his account gets set to invalid status more than once.
When I checked, I see the account's user state is set to: Email invalid (bounced)

Is this a featured added in Xenforo 2.2?
is there a way to disable it?
Yes, you can disable bounce checking...but I wouldn't recommend it as your system will continue to send emails to "bad" addresses, thereby damaging your email sending reputation further, making it hard to get delivery to valid recipients. The bounced feature has been around since early 2.x days.
It's under the ACP Email Options area. Look for Bounced email address and remove any entry there. Then all your bounced emails will go to your default address for you to manually deal with, but the automated system should not process them.

Simply tell the user that they need to either
  • Remove your sites email address from the junk mail folder (odds are this is not it, but some can report "junk" to the ISP if they use IMAP to store mail)
  • Request that their email provider remove your site/domain from their blocking list
  • Get a new email address that your site can deliver to
And you need to
  • Make sure that your sending MTA has a clean IP and is not on any black lists, and if so, get that resolved
  • Make sure that your domain has DKIM,DMARC and SPF DNS entries that are valid
I have found that using your hosting site ISP email can be "iffy" at best if on shared hosting. All it takes is a few sites on that IP that are sending trash, and bingo... your site is quickly on a black list because of nothing that you have done.
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