Adblock Detector(s) Which One?


There appear to be numerous advertisement blockers available but many appear ineffective. The revenue advertisements bring pays for my site hosting and software updates and I'll be looking to upgrade to 2.0 shortly. (Is this an option for 2.0) The revenue stream from my sites advertisements have been in decline for the last two years despite my sites continued success and growth in user numbers. This has partly been down to Google Adsense issues with advertisers which has been widely reported in the press.

Basically I am looking for an adblock detector that offers a clear choice to users. Block users from viewing forums until one of the following options has been carried out: User Option 1. "Remove adblocking from your browser to view forums". User Option 2. "Pay for advertisement removal prior to accessing the forums"
You can view my DFP tutorial to show a message to the users. If you want to take it a step further...which I haven't tested yet, you can try this:

Again, I haven't tested it yet and that's all the information I have on it. Ideally, you would want to have a div class that shows ads AND is apart of the message content or even reply to thread area so when that ad is blocked manually, it will remove the content as well. I'm not savvy enough to figure it all out but hopefully will soon and when I do, it will be in that DFP tutorial.
User Option 1. "Remove adblocking from your browser to view forums".

Surely you mean, "Turn adblocking off for my site"? There is plenty of good reason to use an adblocker on the Internet. uBlock, my tool of choice, allows you to turn it off for sites or even parts of sites and that's all that should be necessary. Or is that what you meant and your wording is just steering me wrong?
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