XF 2.1 AdBlock Detect And Log Member Username - Also Optionally Periodically Break Forum


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I am looking for somebody who can help me.

I'd like an add-on that can detect when AdBlockers are being used, and to log the member username, or add them to a usergroup. (I can manually add them if there's a log perhaps for now).

And then also, optionally, break the forum so it doesn't load for them. At all. Or via style. Or Javascript. Or something.

I'm sick of detecting blockers, and sticking a notice up, and then AdBlockPlus forum members just then work around it, and update their software so it never works.

Rather than me keep changing the name of files used in the blockers and things we keep installing, I'd like to have a system log the members who are the ones using it, and who will always be the type of person to use them.

Can people let me know if you can do this, and also, how much. :)

I'd rather not respond to loads of people via PM. So just reply to here with your price if that's allowed. If not, reply and let me know you can do it and I'll PM you after digging around your add-ons etc. :)

The addon has been updated. They won't be able to circumvent it, just once, next page load it'll be back to nag them:

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