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[8WR] XenMedio (Media) PRO [Paid] 1.7.0

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My host has not changed anything. I am running on a dedicated Windows 2012 server. And it's not a problem with my google account or my IPs. I can use a program like Postman to send a request and get a valid response. That same request fails in XenMedio. Below is the sample request/response. I have invested a huge amount of time trying to solve this and I am at my ends. I've tried on three different servers with the same results. This product just stopped working one day and the site members are not happy about it.

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Did you perhaps restrict your API key in the google api credential manager?
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Did you perhaps restrict your API key in the google api credential manager?

I think you missed this the first time I posted on March 24. I remote into my Windows 2012 server and sent this request direct from the web server. As you can see I get a valid response. This same request fails in xenmedio. I've tried this many times This proves nothing is wrong with my API key and there are no account restrictions, etc. Since I sent this direct from my web server, this proves there are no restrictions on my IP. What else can I try? I have the latest version of XF1 installed, 1.5.18. Everything on my site works except xenmedio

@Jaxel, are you still supporting this addon?

I've recently started to notice failed YouTube media submissions and/or failure to retrieve the YouTube thumbnail for new media submissions, and an error message I'm receiving is that the YouTube Data API v3 quota has been exceeded (at 160,000 queries per day!?). The quota gets reset every midnight, but will always hit the limit during the day.

What might be causing so many queries per day, or is this an unusually low limit? I should note that I've only recently filled in YouTube API Compliance Audit, so perhaps the limit was recently imposed until the audit was completed?
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