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Unmaintained [8WR] XenMedio (Media) PRO 1.7.0

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Great plugin which suits our needs very nicely! I'm glad to have found it for my forums and am very happy with the way it works for us except I really wish it pulled YouTube tags over for our users... even if optionally.
Best addon for media entertainment communities that are on the youtube platform! Definitely recommended!
Excellent add-on! I sifted through dozens of WordPress video plug-ins before realizing none of them did what I needed them to do. I came back to XenForo add-ons and found this one. It is awesome. Looks good, easy to use and easy to setup. Beats the "official" Media add-on for videos hands down. Very pleased and will be buying the brand removal simply to support the author.
Amazing product. Absolutely love this for my users. If I had any constructive criticism though, It would be to include a theater mode feature, similar to the one in XenRio- as well as the ability to auto-collapse media details when viewing media submissions. I don't believe that would be too hard to do, given Jaxel's display of experience- and theater mode already existing.

Wishes aside though. I very highly recommend this add-on, it's very well worth it! :)
I LOVE this add on, it was perfect for our needs to create a video library.

HOWEVER, the route of this add on is media/, the same route (filtered route) as XFMG. Since this add on only supports video and not images, it would be more logical to change to route to video/ to avoid future conflicts with other add ons. Also, "keywords" in this add on are basically tags, it would be ideal in my opinion if it supported the use of XenForo's built in tagging system instead of creating it's own.

For my purposes, I just filtered the route to video/ and changed every phrase that says "media" to "video" and I'm just ecstatic.

If the changes above were in place, I'd have given this a 5 star rating... either way though, I'm quite happy.
You can use the built in XenForo route changer to change the route to whatever you want... XFMG's default route is actually not "media" either... they use a route changer to change it to media.
For all future buyers, there is one little thing that drives me crazy, it's not so bad after finding it, but.... the actual admin secion of this app IS NOT in the admin section of the website, you have to give yourself permissions to see it via the front end.

That being said, to the dev, having it in the front end is all great and everything, but you should specify that in the overview so people don't spend hours looking for it.
Amazing support. Jaxel spent days helping me figure out how to get this plugin to work with my specific setup. Thanks Jaxel. The software is now working excellent.
Great add on but no support
Good! But there is no list of suggested video.
Another amazing plugin from Jaxel. With this and his other contributions you can truly turn Xenforo into a single suite for running your website. I cannot recommend Xenforo and his work enough.
This is really a great addon for managing all my media. Thanks Jaxel
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