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Unmaintained [8WR] XenMedio (Media) PRO 1.7.0

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  • The [MEDIO] bb-code has been deprecated! It has been replaced with [MEDIA=xenmedio]
With this update, the old [MEDIO] bb-code has been replaced with an actual bb-code media site. The old bb-code will still work, but it is not recommended to use it anymore. The reason for this change is because by converting from a custom bb-code to a bb-code media site, it means XenMedio will integrate with other addons which integrate with the relatively new XenForo bb-code media site system.

If you would like to change the existing [MEDIO] bb-codes people have used throughout the site, its actually a relatively easy process...
  1. Install Kier's "Post Content Find / Replace" addon.

  2. Run the following replace first:

    Quick Find: [medio]
    Regular Expression: #\[medio\](.*?)\[\/medio\]#i
    Replacement String: [MEDIA=xenmedio]${1}[/MEDIA]
    Save Changes

  3. Run the following replace second:

    Quick Find: [medio=
    Regular Expression: #\[medio=(.*?)\](.*?)\[\/medio\]#i
    Replacement String: [MEDIA=xenmedio]${2};${1}[/MEDIA]
    Save Changes
  • Updated the following broken services: CollegeHumor, GameSpot, MetaCafe, Twitch and UStream.
  • The service "Revision3" has been deprecated and will not be updated in the future. It is recommended you remove this service.
Services can naturally break over time as websites change their source codes. The only way I can fix them, is if somebody tells me they are broken.
This is a HOTFIX, so if you already have 1.6.8, you don't need to run the upgrade script, just upload the files.
  • Fixed the calls for Soundcloud, as their page construction has changed.
  • Updated all API calls to prepare for the new Twitch API changes coming on August 8. In the future, an API key (Client-ID) will be required to fetch details from the Twitch API. You can read about it here. If you use my Twitch Subscribers addon, you just use that Client-ID as your API key.
  • BUG FIX: fixed a bug where the "approve media" button on media view page may appear, even if the media is not in the moderation queue.
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  • Changed event listeners from switch-case statements, to XenForo's event hint system. This should provide a marginal boost to performance with larger forums.
  • You can now approve moderated media directly from that media's page.
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  • This is a HOTFIX to fix the compatibility issues in XenForo 1.5.3. (explained here).
As usual, hotfixes do not require you to run the upgrade script if you are already up to date with the current version number. Just upload the files and you should be good to go.

I also included RuTube and Imgur service files in this update if you wish to install those.​
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  • Services have a new field for API KEYS... this means the system can now handle services require an API login. This was mainly put in for YouTube (which now requires an API key), but it also means it greatly expands the amount of services which can be supported by XenMedio.
  • Updated the YOUTUBE service to the new version 3 of their API (version 2 has been deprecated and shuttered). Unfortunately, the new version of their API requires a server application API Key. These keys are FREE, but are not included in XenMedio; you must get your own from here.
  • Updated the VIMEO service to support their new SSL format.
  • Added support for STITCHER.
  • The Media Embed Popout now has a built-in form for commenting!
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  • Added a content handler for XF1.4 sitemap generation. This means you no longer have to use third-party sitemap addons to generate a sitemap for your media.
  • I had to extend the built-in XF1.4 sitemap generator for this, since the built-in generator doesn't have a method to handle videos (only images).
Sitemap entries look as follows:
        <video:title>KOGA: 2008-SEP-06 L4 Tai VS Jaxel</video:title>
        <video:description>This video is from our September 06, 2008 Tournament</video:description>
        <video:category>Tournament Matches</video:category>
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  • There are now management features on the "All Watched Media" page that let you quickly unsubscribe from all subscribed media.
  • Most services updated to be HTTP/HTTPS compliant. So if your forum is behind SSL, all embeds will still work and no longer complain about security risks.
  • Soundcloud service updated to match their new API changes.
  • Justin.TV service has been removed, since it no longer exists. This will not delete the service from your service list. You must delete the service yourself.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed a bug that was preventing users from sorting media based on custom variables 2-5.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where JavaScript wasn't correctly slugging keyword text.
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This is a maintenance release; and as such does not require you to run the upgrade script. Just upload and replace the files and all will be well.
  • BUG FIX: RSS descriptions now properly wrapped in CDATA tags.
  • BUG FIX: Routes to thumbnail directories fixed in uninstall code.
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