Not a bug 1.1 beta 1 HTML Mail Bugs


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I have install Beta 1.1 on my Bord and i have get a EMail becaus a User have answerd me on a Conversation but there some bugs in the Mail


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{username} is this a phrase? i have think that there should be the Username of the User


I have the same issue, on 1.1.0 beta 5. Those items in the phrase don't get parsed for some reason. And it's only the first part of the mail, the rest is parsed just fine.

What should those items look like to be parsed? And how come this is "not a bug"?

My phrase looks like this:
{receiver_username}, {username} added you to an existing personal conversation at {board_title}:


This is the first message in the conversation:

To view this conversation, click here:

To see all your active personal conversations, click here:


This message was sent to you from {board_title} because your preferences are set to receive email when a new conversation message is received.

To stop receiving email, please edit your contact preferences:

And everything above {message} is not parsed.

Edit: Found the problem. It was the wrong phrase, not the HTML one. The HTML phrase was incorrect, resetting it to default sorted out the issue.