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  1. Lusorworker

    What to do if i am only administrator for forum but not owner and need help?

    Hello, i have question. I am administrator on purchased forum licence, but i am not owner. I am not experienced in HTML, CSS etc for make WWW pages and buletins. Then i try learn how handle with xenForo. It is prety advanced, but have very lack and bad maked manual and helps for beginer people...
  2. Apodictive

    A few Pre-Purchase Questions

    Hi xenForo community. I will be building my first xenForo forum and I have a few pre-purchase questions that I would like to see if I can get some answers for. I searched here and on Google for the answers to most of my questions but there are a couple I either couldn't find exactly what I am...
  3. T

    ✔ I want to buy Xenforo - ✘ But I have some questions.

    Hello everybody, I am new to Xenforo and globally to using websites. I got really confused when I wanted to purchase Xenforo so that's why I made this theard. My questions: 1. What is 'XenForo License', I don't understand what is it? Do I need to purchase another hosting for my site either? Or...
  4. dvsDave

    XF 1.5 internal_data/sitemaps was over 650 files

    So, I got a disk space warning on my server and started looking into what folders were the biggest offenders. To my surprise, the sitemaps folder was HUGE (like 22 gigs) There were a bunch of .gz files that were old, so I deleted those. I then wiped out the whole folder and went to...
  5. N

    "Questions" functionality

    I am reviewing various forum solutions for a software vendor user group. We have a very active user base that currently is using a 10+ year old version of phpBB. Some of our key requirements revolve question functionality. Specifically... The ability to create a post as a support question. The...