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Question Threads

Question Threads 1.2.5

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
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With this plugin users will be able to create questions. They are just like normal threads but have some useful features.

  • Users can create questions
  • Specific forums can be marked as "questions only"
  • "Questions only" forums have a different node icon, some texts are changed
  • Question author or another user with permission can mark questions as solved
  • Each question can have the best answer which is colored in order to draw attention
  • Question-threads have a special indicator (solved/unsolved) before title
  • Questions with best answer have a special diamond icon-link near sovled/unsolved indicator which points directly to best answer post
  • An ability to use any Font Awesome icon as best answer icon (with handy iconpicker)
  • Addon supports thread watchers system
  • All actions use alerts system (solving/unsolving questions and marking/unmarking best answers)
  • Email notifications
  • Custom colors for solved/unsolved indicator and best answer post highlighting
To be done
  • Custom image as best answer icon
  • Custom image/icon/shape for question indicator
  • Best answers counter for every user (just like messages/likes counter)
  • Integration with trophy system (at least adding best answers number in trophy conditionals)
  • Create a permission for prohibiting question authors to mark their own questions as solved/unsolved
Question can be created if "Is question" checkbox is selected when creating thread:

All questions have a special indicator (solved/unsolved). Questions with best answers have a special icon which points directly to best answer post inside the question:

Question author or another user with permission can mark the whole question as solved and even mark specific post as best answer:

Best answer is highlighted:

All actions use alerts system (solving/unsolving questions and marking/unmarking best answers):

"Questions only" forums have a special node icon:

You can customize the color and shape of questions indicator and best answer highlighting:

  1. Download an addon archive and unpack it somewhere
  2. Open upload folder and move src folder to your forum root directory
  3. In admin panel go to "Add-ons" section and install "Question Threads" addon
That's all!
Your forum now fully supports questions and answers!

First release
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5.00 star(s) 6 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Bug fixes 1.2.5

    Fixed bugs Fixed an issue where the best answer icon is not changing in style settings...
  2. Hotfix 1.2.4

    Previous addon update (1.2.3) was not allowing to create new nodes. This is fixed now.
  3. Bug fixes 1.2.3

    New features Added an option to mark already created ordinary thread as question when editing...

Latest reviews

Fantastic addon. Great to use for your help sections on your forum. You can see on forum overview if questions are unsolved or not, and you can mark the best answers. It is even free! 5/5 easily.
Awesome addon! A must-have for communities with help and question sections, this will help you keeping your forums clean and "enjoyable" to search through.
Yet to try it in a production environment, but the premise and working of it seems great so far! Hoping it won't prove a problem when "special" forum users see that 'Is Question' tickbox.
Easy install. Easy point and click features. No adding this or that in terms of having to add stupid css to a template. Worked like a charm first go. Thank you.
This is best addon provided for free. It will be par excellence when you finish task from you to do list.
This one of the best add on so far. I highly applaud the developer for coming up with such an excellent work.
Thank you! Soon there will be more cool features. I am doing my best :)