1. findozor

    XF 2.2 is there any way to find answers to a post in a thread

    sometimes i need to filter and cut series of posts or a dialogue with answers (and answers on answers) within a long thread to move to another topic or create a new specific thread. it can be flame or offtop etc. i didnt find way or a addon that can help me to search, choose and make an action...
  2. Stylesfactory

    Beta Frequently Asked Questions Plugin 1.0.0

    Features: Add questions Add categories Rich text editor for questions Questions can be set in categories Default toggle option for questions and answers DEMO: here
  3. CMTV

    Unmaintained Question Threads 2.1.2

    Since Xenforo 2.2 there is an internal question-solution system. You don't need this addon if you are using 2.2 or above. Use "Question Threads Converter" addon to convert addon data to XF. Description This addon allows users to create questions, mark them solved/unsolved and select best...
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