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Question Threads 2.0.2

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Very good , but the best answer feature in 2.1.4 does not work. We look forward to the new version..
I really like the approach made in this addon because it merges with the forum in a totally natural feel (not like TH QnA in which my community never hook into it).

It will be nice to have an status for abandoned questions (even better if closes after X time without activity) to don't mix stuff.

Must have addon, thank you for doing this.
Great add-on! I'd wish if the best answer could be somehow showed as the first reply and still leave the answer in its original position too? To have a quick glance at the solution. Also an option to change the green BG of the best answer would be a great addition
Awesome script anf for FREE big thanx to @CMTV.
This addon allow your members to create questions and others members can answer !
We can mark the best answer and so many other features !
Great add-on, simple but functional :) This should be a great addition to my forums while upgrading to XF2.
Excellent addon that can convert your forum into more formal question and answer threads. Developer listens to feedback well. This addon will go a long way if he keeps polishing like he is doing. Thumbsup CMTV
Fantastic addon. Great to use for your help sections on your forum. You can see on forum overview if questions are unsolved or not, and you can mark the best answers. It is even free! 5/5 easily.
Awesome addon! A must-have for communities with help and question sections, this will help you keeping your forums clean and "enjoyable" to search through.
Yet to try it in a production environment, but the premise and working of it seems great so far! Hoping it won't prove a problem when "special" forum users see that 'Is Question' tickbox.
Easy install. Easy point and click features. No adding this or that in terms of having to add stupid css to a template. Worked like a charm first go. Thank you.
This is best addon provided for free. It will be par excellence when you finish task from you to do list.
This one of the best add on so far. I highly applaud the developer for coming up with such an excellent work.
Thank you! Soon there will be more cool features. I am doing my best :)