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  1. CMTV

    Question Threads 1.2.5

    With this plugin users will be able to create questions. They are just like normal threads but have some useful features. Features Users can create questions Specific forums can be marked as "questions only" "Questions only" forums have a different node icon, some texts are changed Question...
  2. darkbloom

    XF 1.5 how to edit text/background colour of status update and thread title boxes

    I seem to have messed two things up in my customisation attempts, and I can't figure out how to fix them: 1. When drafting a status update, the text is white on white. How can I change the colour of the text in the status box? 2. When drafting a threat title, the title box turns black. How...
  3. ThemeHouse

    [TH] Disable Invisible Status 1.0.4

    [TH] Disable Invisible Status - Remove the ability of users to stop themselves from being viewed as online Description This add-on removes the ability of users to stop themselves from being viewed as online. Features Remove user's ability to stop themselves from being viewed as online...
  4. Adam K M

    [Pixel Crescent] Minecraft Server Status (Simple)

    I just uploaded a new resource! Feel free to use this thread to get/give help, as questions, make comments, etc. I hope you enjoy this simple (but free) minecraft server status plugin! It's open source, so feel free to go ahead and dissect the code and figure out how everything works! Before...
  5. BassMan

    [cXF] Update Status on New Profile Posts 1.1.0

    Description: This add-on will move the update status form in dropdown menu on new profile posts page to a visible form. Extra feature: autofocus to start typing right after page load visible user avatar See screenshots for more information about options. < before installation > < after...
  6. BassMan

    [cXF] Update Status on New Profile Posts

    BassMan submitted a new resource: Update Status on New Profile Posts - Add visible update status form to new profile posts page with new features Read more about this resource...